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Personal Shopper is a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence to communicate with the customer in a fast and efficient way. Shopbot process real sales according with customer needs and expectations through a chat. He increases not only conversions, but also the quality of the service.

Until 2020, 85% of customers interactions will be by chatbots
More than 64% of customers believe that companies should be available and contactable through apps
Chatbots are responsible for reducing up to 30% of customer service costs
Bots can solve, in average, 90% of customers problems

New sales channel

Shopbot is a new sales tool. Inside the chat the customer will check the products catalogue and offers and at the check out he can choose to receive the product at home or to pick it up at the closest store.

Personal Shopper exclusive service

Every customer likes to feel special. Shopbot provides a custom interface with the best bot features to make the communication feel more natural and human.


More scalability for your business. With many chats per week, your customers feel comfortable about shopping at any time and your business reduce operational costs.

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