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By bringing together physical stores and ecommerce, many retailers can reach expressive results regarding conversions increases, faster delivery and better stock management.

Ship from Store

Solution Click&Collect

All your stores will act as distribution centers, using their local stock to fulfill online purchases from the Omni App or the Shopbot. With Click & Collect the customer chooses where to pick up the purchase.

Omnichannel Integration

Integration with every system

Lori API is an Omnichannel Integration System, developed exclusively by Neomode, that allows the inclusion of several ERPs, e-commerce platforms and payment processors.

Faster delivery

Send faster to the client

Bringing the stock closer to customers allows the purchase to be picked up on the same day with no shopping charges. This way you can improve stock turnover, reducing the transportation costs up to 40% and increasing your monthly income.

Inventory management system

Inventory management system

Managing stock is a regular problem for retailers. With Neomode Integration System you can avoid problems with orders management, organizing all the purchase process and making sure that the customer gets the product or service that he wants.

Inventory management system

Brand activation

With the integration and availability of new sales channels (App & Shopbot) your brand gains more visibility and engagement. Give your customers a nice and unique shopping experience and ensure a higher retention.

Expressive reports and insights

Expressive reports and insights

Neomode Omnichannel System provides trustable insights and data that can help decision making on important steps of your business. Customize and analyze reports according to your needs and discover new business opportunities.

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